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Her eyes widened and her mouth fell slightly agape; Blanche never thought she’d make a friend so quickly, let alone a friend who was willing to let her room with her until she found her feet.

She grinned and was about to cheerfully except until she thought that maybe she was being a burden to Pann, seeing as she already had someone rooming with her. “I’d love to room with you but- I feel like I’m imposing on you, haha..” She crosses her arms behind her back and asked, “Are you sure your roommate would be okay with my staying with you?”

Pann crossed her arms and gave only a greater smile in return. “Of course I am. Patch is … well, Patch. If you’ve met her, you’ll understand what I mean.” It felt good to see someone happy and knowing that she had done something to help that along, well, that was just about the biggest bonus she could have hoped for.

"Come on, now. Let’s grab your things and go up. I’m sure Patch will be ecstatic, or at the very least excited enough to make eye contact despite the shyness." She loosened and gestured to Blanche in acknowledgement. 

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Hello, Blanche. It really is nice to meet you. I’m Pann. 

/holds out her hand for a shake

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